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Dear Members

There will be a friendly game held  on Saturday 8th May at Knighton Victoria  Anyone wishing to take part please be at the club for 2pm.Trevor Coleman will make the  draw at 2.15.The game will start at 2.30.There will be  bar service but there will not be food. Anyone wishing to order a club shirt which includes their name and club badge on it  please get in touch.

Hoping to see you on Saturday.

Kind regards

Moe Cooke.

The club will reopen on Monday 12 April ’21 after the recent extended lockdown. Please book a rink and apply safeguarding as previously instructed.

The Fixtures section has now been updated for Saturday, Thursday and Tuesday triples games.

The Saturday and Thursday games are subject to difficulties due to the Covid 19 pandemic and confirmation of games should be sought from the Thursday and Saturday captains on a game by game basis.


Dear members, our green will be open from Monday 12 April with allocated time slots for bowling.

Bookings for time slots start on Monday 12th April  and will only be though myself or Tony via email. text or telephone
And or answer machine.

Do not overlap your allocated time slot. Leave the premises promptly after putting away equipment and leaving the club secure.

Do not attempt to visit the club without an allocated time slot. There will be no visitors or spectators .

The club house will remain closed. There will be no changing facilities. If you require refreshments please bring your own and take any rubbish home with you.

This is to comply Bowls England guidance on safety requirements. A copy of which will be on display .

Players from the two households can participate on the same rink .

Six individuals from different households may participate on the same rink keeping 2m distance apart and each using individual jack and mat. ie. one jack white and one jack yellow.

All equipment must be sanitized before and after use. This also includes padlocks on gates .

Toilets and toilet chain pulls, hand basin taps and door handles, basically anything you touch must be sanitized by the individual member before and after use. This is for your own safety and that of others.

Sanitizing sprays and wipes will be supplied and situated in the appropriate places.

Please remember you will be bowling at your own risk and by following the above guide lines will help to keep you and others safe.

Finally I wish you all a happy and safe time on the green. If you have any doubts about anything please do not hesitate to ask.

With kindest regards
Moe Cooke
Hon Secretary
Home number    0116 288 1026

Mobile                  07871 109 599


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